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Dr. Jamie Marich is the author of three books on trauma: Trauma Made Simple(2014), Trauma and the Twelve Steps (2012), and EMDR Made Simple (2011).

Jamie began her career as a humanitarian aid worker in post-war Bosnia from 2000-2003, an experience she will be sharing through a TEDx talk in January 2015. She travels internationally as an invited continuing education speaker on topics connected to trauma, addiction, and mindfulness. She is the creator of the Dancing Mindfulness practice and now leads a team of international facilitators in the mindfulness and trauma-informed practice. Jamie still maintains a private practice in her hometown of Youngstown, OH, primarily specializing in EMDR as a treatment modality.

The Quote

Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.
John Paul Satre

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

During the time Jamie was in Bosnia doing humanitarian work she was under the tutelidge fand guidance of a woman who became her mentor. Jamie shares the inspiring story of how this woman saw something in Jamie and encouraged her to become a therapist to those who had been traumtized.

Jamie’s Why

To undue the negative and incorrect messages that many undergraduate programs are giving to our students.

Jamie’s Advice

  • It’s all trauma!

Jamie’s go-to books

Jamie’s Books:

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