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In the last two decades, Jamie Redford has written, directed or produced over a dozen films, including the award‑winning HBO documentaries The Big Picture, Toxic Hot Seat and Mann v. Ford.

Jamie co‑founded the Redford Center with his father in 2007 as a vehicle to make documentaries that inspire positive change. He holds a B.A. in creative writing and film from the University of Colorado, Boulder and an M.A. in literature from Northwestern University.

Show Notes

Today on the podcast, filmmaker, Jamie Redford.

I invited Jamie on specifically because of his new film, Resilience. This is the kind of project which I’m passionate about discussing and promoting on this podcast–anything which has to do with exploring both the trauma and the healing that happens with kids, and the often circuitous pathway involved from getting from one to the next.

After talking with Jamie, I learned about what drives him, the other films he has made which speak to this spirit of resilience within us all, and how this particular focus within his work all came about.

The Quote

Jamie shares with us a mantra that’s been important in his life which is that within each of us lies the great potential to heal ourselves.

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