Iryna Natalushko

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Iryna Natalushko, MA is a practicing and teaching therapist living in Ukraine, trained in art therapy with a trauma therapy concentration at the George Washington University graduate art therapy program (2008-2011) via a Fulbright Scholarship.

Iryna uses intensive trauma therapy, developed by her professor, Dr. Linda Gantt, PhD  (episode 46 on The Trauma Therapist Podcast) and her late husband psychiatrist Louis Tinnin, and its adaptations, to work with adults and families with a history of traumatic experiences that have not been fully integrated and which continue to influence their lives.

Iryna collaborates with the international charity Caritas in the Ukraine and local NGO Psychological Crisis Services of Ukraine to train volunteering psychologists in trauma-focused interventions. She is now kickstarting a crowdfunding project through Inidegogo to be able to provide trauma therapy to underprivileged Ukrainians who cannot otherwise afford professional trauma treatment service.

Iryna has lately been invited to join the national Ukrainian Art Therapy Association to facilitate international connections. She is also a visual artist and a yoga/mindfulness practitioner, both practices which profoundly inform her vision and practice.

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To be true and to improve, to move and to be moved.
Damian Rice

What lead to the specialization of trauma? [13:23]

What is your why? Why do you continue to work in the trauma field? [19:45]

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