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Toni Rahman, LCSW is a psychotherapist specializing in trauma and attachment.  She is an author, a mother, a sister, a teacher, a traveler, and a lifelong learner.  Her passions include Eastern and indigenous healing practices, psychology, spirituality and gender issues, as well as issues of social and economic justice. Toni is passionate about exploring ways to support others in making profound shifts in their life experience. She is a Trauma-Informed Care Practitioner, a Certified EMDR Practitioner trained in CranioSacral Therapy & SomatoEmotional Release, Chinese Five Element Theory, Dream Interpretation, Quantum Touch and Energy Balancing.

The Quote

Trying to protect people from their emotions or save them from discomfort I become the substance to be used, the object of addiction.

Toni Rahman

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Toni shares how her early stress and interest in Eastern healing practices, coupled with the effectiveness of EMDR, propelled her interest in working to help heal individuals who’ve been impacted by trauma.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Toni talks about the experience of how her trying to fix a client interfered with the healing process, and the effects this had on herself as a clinician.

Toni’s Why

I continue to do this work because inevitably I am sent clients who teach me about myself and push me to learn more and to grow. That keeps me alive and I love it.

Toni’s Advice

  • Do your own work.
  • Know your limits.
  • Learn your triggers.
  • Keep learning.
  • Get mentors.
  • Don’t be working in isolation.
  • Make time for play and self-care, and balance your life!

Toni’s Go-To Books

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