Dr. Sharon Stanley

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Dr. Sharon Stanley has educated thousands of healthcare professionals internationally in the principles and practices of somatic psychotherapy. Building on her research on empathy with traumatized youth, Sharon founded Somatic Transformation (ST), a trauma model and professional curriculum. ST is based on emerging research in Interpersonal Neurobiology and a phenomenological, intersubjective approach to transform relational and shock trauma.

Sharon participates in Dr. Allan Schore’s Seattle Study Group, and her work with First Nations, the study of Afro-Brazilian healing with on-going research into clinical practice has led to a fluid convergence of neurological research and professional skills.

Sharon has a clinical practice on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

The Quote

Love reveals and transforms all that is not yet love.
Sharon Stanley

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Sharon breaks it down personally and professionally. She starts with sharing how the story of her sister who was brutally attacked and her experience of working on a suicide team informed her direction.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Sharon talks about the time when she let her belief in the power and significance of empathy, fall away, and instead focused her attention on what techniques she thought she should utilize, which then made her lose the connection with her client, and which in turn caused her client to become highly aroused.

Sharon’s Why

I’ve got grandkids that I adore. I want to see children feel safer in this world.

Sharon’s Advice

  • Begin to get to know your clients and learn what helps them feel safe.
  • And then learn how you, as a clinician, are tracking what’s going on in your own body so that when you sit with a client, right in that moment you can begin tracking what’s going on with the client.

Sharon’s Go-To Books

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