Hilary Jacobs Hendel

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Hilary Jacobs Hendel is a trauma psychotherapist with a focus on emotions and the body. She has an extensive background in science and psychotherapy including a BA in Biochemistry from Wesleyan University, a doctoral degree from Columbia University and an MSW from Fordham University. She is a certified psychoanalyst and a certified AEDP psychotherapist and supervisor. Hilary has published articles in The New York Times and professional journals and writes a blog called The Change Triangle. Hilary was also the Mental Health Consultant for the Emmy Award-winning television show Mad Men on AMC. She lives and practices in New York City.

The Quote

In the depths of winter I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.
Albert Camus

A Crucial Early Mistake

Hilary shares the story of how when she was a young student studying analysis, she was taught to be silent, yet this idea and the act of being a neutral observer had many shortcomings.

Hilary’s Why

I’ve always loved helping people, and now my passion is bringing this knowledge of emotions to the general public.

Hilary’s Advice

  • Learn about emotions. Read about trauma and how to work with the body.
  • It’s very important to have good boundaries.
  • Understand the neuroscience about trauma.

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Trauma, Nature, & The Body. Leslie Korn

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