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Dr. Ellen Lacter, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, a Registered Play Therapist, a Marriage and Family Therapist, as well as past President of the California Association for Play Therapy.

Dr. Lacter has 30 years of clinical experience and specializes in the treatment of abused children, adolescents, and adults abused as children.

She is currently Academic Coordinator of the Play Therapy Certificate Program at the University of California, San Diego-Extension, where she is also a continuing education instructor, training psychotherapists in play and art therapy techniques and the treatment of trauma.

The Quote

To be indifferent — for whatever reason — is to deny not only the validity of existence, but also its beauty. Betray, and you are a man; torture your neighbor, you’re still a man. Evil is human, weakness is human; indifference is not.
Elie Wiesel, The Town Beyond the Wall

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Trauma kind of landed in my lap. The strength that I got as a child, the love and support gives me the resources I need to be able to really stand up for other people.

A Crucial Early Mistake

I’ve probably missed abuse one-hundred times. Ellen shares a story about how when she was beginning her career, a time when psychology was heavily influenced by the medical model, this mis-guided and mis-informed the work she was doing.

Ellen’s Why

Somebody has to stand up!

Ellen’s Advice

Our clients need to be our teachers. We know nothing! Most of us know nothing about the depths of human evil. Most of us, luckily, have no clue. And so we have to keep our minds and hearts open.

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