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We close out the holiday republishing with this gem. Ed Tick pretty much embodies everything I’m attempting to do with this podcast: He exudes a certain genuineness and passion for this works that is infectious and inspiring. I remember finishing the interview with him on fire. I was that excited, and I wanted to translate that into the work I do with my clients as well as The Trauma Therapist Project.

I hope you enjoy this one. Again!

Edward Tick, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized transformational healer, psychotherapist, writer and educator. Co-Founder and Executive Director of Soldier’s Heart, he works internationally on the psychospiritual and cross-cultural healing of military and war trauma and on holistic and psycho-spiritual healing.

He was the U.S. Army’s 2012 trainer in the holistic healing of PTSD, training over 2,500 chaplains and officers, and continues to work with the Army and Air Force.

Ed is the author of five books including the groundbreaking War and the Soul. His newest book, Warrior’s Return: Restoring the Soul After War, was just published.

The Quote

Ye tribes behold me
The chiefs of old are gone
Myself I shall take courage
Sitting Bull

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Ed shares the story of familial and cultural trauma within his family, as well as the experience of having relatives traumatized in service. During the Vietnam War, Ed drew a high draft number, expected to get into service but wasn’t able to go, and as a result felt that he wasn’t tested in the way that people are tested, and yet still wanted very much to witness this walk of the Vietnam veterans, people who tried to fulfill the warrior archetype. When Ed began working with veterans, however, he soon learned how alienated the veterans were and the degree to which they so desperately needed care.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Ed shares the story of a young Marine he met on one of his retreats. This was a Marine who was doing great work during the retreat. However, when the Marine went back home and saw his therapist at the V.A., the therapist told him that whatever he had done at the retreat was BS, and that You will always have PTSD, people do not heal from this, so get used to it. This taught Ed the value not only of proper treatment but of follow-up with clients.

Edward’s Why

Ed is a Warrior through and through and you can hear it in this interview. From very early on in his career Ed witnessed how our veterans simply weren’t being taken care of and decided to do something about it. That desire became his life’s work. This is his passion.

Edward’s Advice

  • Make sure you really want to walk the path with our veterans. And if you deeply feel committed and called, then accept this work not as a technique that you’re going to apply, but realize that you will be on a profound spiritual and moral journey with your clients.
  • You must keep your hearts wide open. And allow yourself to be transformed and changed.
  • Remain humble and realize that our clients become our underworld guides.

Edward’s Go-To Books

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