Early Psychosis

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My new 5-day, live, online workshop, begins next Monday, May 20th!

Early Psychosis: Understanding & Assessing The Signs And Symptoms. An online workshop experience for therapists, coaches, mentors and teachers.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to distinguish between the signs of early psychosis and psychosis and schizophrenia.
  • Risk factors for psychosis and early psychosis.
  • How to determine whether someone is experiencing symptoms of early psychosis, (or psychosis, or schizophrenia)
  • How to talk to and assess young clients (young kids and adults ages 12-24) to learn about their symptoms.
  • How to talk to young clients about their symptoms of early psychosis without stigmatizing them.
  • What to do if a client is experiencing these symptoms.
  • And much more.

Course Details:

  • When : Monday, May 20th through Friday, May 24th
  • How : The course will take place over Zoom video
  • Time : All videos will be live and begin at 11 am PST ( time zone converter )
  • Cost : $147

Learn more here: The Early Psychosis Workshop.

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