Early Childhood, Trauma & Healing. Dr. Mica Gonzalez

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At the time I’m writing this I’ve completed 278 interviews on The Trauma Therapist | Podcast.

However, I can’t name one guest who specializes in working with early childhood and trauma.

Meet Dr. Mica Gonzalez.

Mica is a clinical psychologist specializing in early childhood in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work involves helping young children and their families recover from trauma and loss primarily through the medium of the child-parent relationship.

Mica received his doctoral degree from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and trained in a variety of settings, including a middle school, an adult day treatment facility, and a home-visiting early intervention program.

Mica is trained in Child-Parent Psychotherapy, a trauma-informed approach to early intervention, and has an endorsement as an Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist from the California Center for Infant-Family and Early Childhood Mental Health.

He has also presented on temperament, assessment, and social-emotional development in the early years as well provided consultation to trainees learning to work with young children.

Currently, Mica is dedicated to three endeavors: working with young children and latino immigrant families at the Early Childhood Mental Health Program; seeing children, teens, adults, and couples in his private practice in Oakland, California, and providing online early parenting education through his blog and website, The Good Enough Parents.

The Quote

To be a child is to endure a prolonged situation in which the human mind is more complex than the self can ordinarily bear. Our minds in themselves produce contents that will be overwhelming. To be successfully normal then, we rather have to dumb ourselves down.

Christopher Bollus

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