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The Trauma Therapist | Podcast is a podcast about the human spirit.

It’s a podcast about hearing the stories and the journeys of those who have dedicated their lives to helping others who’ve been impacted by trauma.

It’s about cultivating authenticity, presence, and compassion.

Nancy Morgan is one of those individuals who I believe epitomizes what this podcast is about, and she is back as my guest this week, and I couldn’t be more excited!

In fact, this is the third time that Nancy’s been on the podcast.
Yes, she’s that incredible.

First though, a huge thank-you to my sponsor who help me keep this thing going!

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Nancy Morgan specializes both in working with adults with severe mental health challenges whose traumatic histories influence and inform their thoughts and behaviors and in providing Trauma-Focused training and supervision to future therapists.

Her primary work has been in Partial Hospitalization Program settings, Secure Residential Treatment Facilities, and Intensive Outpatient Programs, where she’s served as a clinician, manager, or most often as program clinical supervisor.

Currently, Dr. Morgan works as the Director of Behavioral Health at LifeMoves, Northern California’s largest agency dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness where she has developed a Trauma-Focused Mindfulness-Based training curriculum whereby she provides didactics, supervises, and mentors graduate psychology students.

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