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Dr. Grand is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a PhD from International University, a writer, lecturer, performance coach and humanitarian famous for the discovery and development of the internationally acclaimed Brainspotting method which brings about life-changing breakthroughs at “Warp Speed”.

Dr. Grand is renowned for his groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in the arenas of healing trauma and enhancing performance and creativity. His Brainspottingmethod and BioLateral Sound are now used by thousands of therapists on every continent seeking to break through the limitations of talk therapy. Dr. Grand has a roster of clients that include many successful television, film and stage actors, professional athletes, business leaders, and survivors of profound traumas (including 9/11, Katrina and Iraq/Afghanistan combat veterans) who have sought his powerful methods out as a means to realize the kind of personal, professional and creative breakthroughs they long for most.

The Quote

You don’t have to know what it is, to know that it is.
Dr. David Grand

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

David shares his early experiences utilizing EMDR and then seeing trauma emerge that he never thought was there, seeing trauma heal that he never thought could heal, and seeing trauma “come out which needed a lot of time, healing and help.”

A Crucial Early Mistake

Dr. Grand talks about an early experience he had in which he misdiagnosed a women and then applied a power therapy (EMDR) which overwhelmed the client’s defenses.

David’s Why

Because I see miracles in front of me everyday. I see change happen to me right in front of my eyes.

The Advice

David offers two three-word quotes:

  • Don’t be afraid: Be with the person, go with them.
  • Hang in there: If you stay with with the client, if you ground them, just by your presence and by your words, sooner or later the client will come back.

Two go-to books

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