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Dan Griffin is back on The Trauma Therapist | Podcast. You’ll recall that Dan was with us for the first time on episode 82. I invited Dan back for one reason–because he’s a vital and inspiring voice in the area of treating trauma in men.

In this second interview I asked Dan to get into more detail about the work he does, his teachings, and why the focus on men and trauma.

Check out this second interview with Dan.


Dan Griffin has worked in the mental health and addictions field for over two decades. He is recognized internationally as an expert on males and trauma.

In the fall of 2015, Griffin was honored to be named as a senior fellow at The Meadows.

Griffin’s newest book, A Man’s Way through Relationships, is the first trauma-informed book written to help men create healthy relationships while navigating the challenges of internalizing the “Man Rules.”

Griffin’s is also the author of A Man’s Way through the Twelve Steps, the first trauma-informed book to take a holistic look at men’s sobriety.

He also co-authored Helping Men Recover, the first comprehensive gender-responsive and trauma-informed curriculum for men. Griffin’s graduate work was centered on the social construction of masculinity in the culture of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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