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Crystal Arber MSW is a registered social worker with the British Columbia College of Social Work. Her area of expertise is the treatment of complex trauma using EMDR.

Working on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, Canada’s poorest postal code, Crystal has pioneered the use of EMDR with Concurrent Disordered clients, a population previously thought to be too unstable to benefit.

Crystal has empowered these clients to manage their most severe PTSD symptoms through a psychoeducational and skills-based group called Making Sense of Trauma. The group has graduated over 100 members, and its success has led to Crystal becoming a lead educator in Trauma Informed Practice in both the public and private sectors. Crystal also has a private practice specializing in trauma and family therapy, and can be followed on her blog

The Quote

Immobilization is a hardwired reaction not a personal fault.
Stephen Porges

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Crystal talks about how her experience working in a youth shelter brought her face to face with the prevalence and impact of trauma.

A Crucial Early Mistake

In the early days I ended up trying to fix and rescue my clients rather than allowing them to explore and come to the results on their own.

Crystal’s Why

The why for me has a lot to do with my own history and my own experience in realizing that a lot of us have come from very chaotic backgrounds.

Crystal’s Advice

  • People deserve as much information and education about PTSD as they can get.
  • It’s really important to take care of yourself and to have really good sense of your own history, knowing when you’re activated and your own buttons.
  • Get excellent, regular supervision, and then your own personal work.

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