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Originally from Oakland, CA, Chesarae Fletcher inherited a rich faith heritage. Granddaughter of the late Bishop Vernon Robinson, she began her study of scripture in the African-American Holiness Pentecostal tradition. This early spiritual legacy birthed a deep hunger for intimacy with Christ’s spirit and his word, which led her into over 22 years of the academic study of theology.

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Professor Fletcher earned her undergraduate degree from San Francisco State University, followed by an MA in Biblical Studies in 2017, and an MA in Theology in 2019. Mrs. Fletcher is an early career biblical scholar and is currently completing Ph.D. research studies in Systematic Theology at the University of Birmingham, located in England’s UK. Her study focus is on Altar Theology and its role in Pentecostal traditions. 

Currently, Professor Fletcher teaches Church History and Graduate Research Methods at Epic Bible College and leads Sabbath and Spiritual Formation retreats throughout the region. She sees Christ-centered theology as a weapon against despair, apathy, and spiritual thirst. 

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