Catherine Knibbs

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Catherine specializes in Cybertrauma and Child Sexual Abuse and Child Sexual Exploitation (the former being an area and phrase she coined in 2012). She is currently completing a dual MSc and works as child/adult trauma therapist BACP (accredited) and UKCP Psychotherapeutic counsellor for adults.

Catherine initially trained as the first woman to complete her trade in the Armed Forces as an Instrument Engineer. She’s also been a practicing Martial Artist of Shotokan Karate for 30 years.

The Quote

You cannot rush knowing.
Catherine Knibbs

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Catherine shares her personal story which includes Having a history of growing up with trauma, but not really knowing it, and how this inspired her to work with those who needed help.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Catherine talks about an early experience when a young client of hers triggered memories that Catherine hadn’t pro-actively attended to.

Catherine’s Why

My why for this is that I feel that I’m being pointed in this direction by something.

Catherine’s advice

  • For therapists: do your own therapy! And until you do, there’s no way you can understand the abyss in which your clients are stuck.

Catherine’s go-to books

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