Robyn Mourning

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Robyn Mourning, MS, MFTC holds a Masters of Counseling in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy and is the founder of Revolution Trauma Recovery Services, LLC in Westminster, CO.

She provides holistic and evidenced-based counseling and therapy services to individuals and families experiencing the effects of relationship trauma. Robyn specializes in intimate partner violence/domestic abuse, sexual violation/abuse, emotional abuse/neglect and traumatic family system disruptions.

Robyn works from an attachment and social justice lens which allows her to work with clients at the intersection of cultural barriers and their traumatic experiences.

She provides therapeutic parent coaching for adult survivors of abuse and neglect and for parents whose children are healing from trauma. Robyn also provides trauma recovery coaching packages for recovery preparation, recovery mindset and thriving after the recovery stage of healing. Through the Creating Safe Communities Initiative, Robyn collaborates with community members and leaders to further enrich the recovery experiences of abuse/neglect survivors.”

The Quote

I’m here to provide and walk through this journey with the people walking through my door who are creating a trauma revolution in their lives and who are breaking the status quo of what healing should look like.

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Robyn shares the story of growing up in a biracial family and the many challenges that go along with that.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Robyn talks about the challenges she encountered of providing social justice therapy alongside trauma therapy.

Robyn’s Why

I really refuse to let trauma and abuse win in our lives and communities, and I truly believe that healing is possible.

Robyn’s Advice

  • First get a good sense of where you are on your own trauma healing journey, and then…learn as much as you can about how trauma impact people and relationships

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