Beck Gee-Cohen

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Beck is Director of LGBTQI+ Programming at Visions Adolescent Treatment Center, and continues to train clinicians and facility staff on LGBTQ+ issues, helps facilities establish LGBTQ+ inclusive policies, and provides program development for facilities that want to expand their services to LGBTQ+ populations through his company, BGC Consulting.

Beck has a special focus on the Transgender community, trauma, addiction, and helping treatment facilities and clinicians better serve the Trans community.

The Quote

Gender is the poetry each of us makes out of the language we are taught.
Leslie Feinberg

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

From the age of 5 Beck knew that the female body they were born into didn’t feel right. This knowledge and realization became more pronounced as the years progressed, leading to addiction, to healing and then to helping others in the transgender community.

Beck’s advice

  • Do your due diligence in getting informed about the trans community: go to lectures, read, attend seminars. And then be conscious not to use that information to label your clients because your clients are individuals.
  • Realize that the only thing that the transgender community has in common is the fact that they are trans.
  • When using pronouns with someone who is trans, ask, What pronoun do you use? Rather than, Which do you prefer? Because it’s not a preference, it simply is who they are.

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