Jondi Whitis

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Jondi Whitis is a NYC-based Trainer and Practitioner and holds certifications from the two largest Energy Psychology associations. A former Lead Trainer for the Newtown Community Trauma Relief Project, Jondi is a Board Member for AAMET International and continues to create and foster community for Tapping professionals and fans who share her passion for healing in the world.

Using a variety of techniques from the field of energy psychology, Jondi calls herself a ‘People’s Teacher,’ reflecting her love for what is simple, real and useful.  Among her favorite tools are those in the EFT family, Emotional Freedom Techniques, which she uses in conjunction with other adaptations that combine Mindfulness with Meridian-based energy point stimulation. Jondi has a simple motto, which is, I help people feel better fast.

The Quote

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.
Wendy Mass

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Jondi shares her rich and winding story which begins with art school, then to psychology, to advertising, to television and film, and then to the realization that so much of her interests revolved around storytelling and holistic healing.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Jondi talks about an early tendency she had to overshare with clients which led to weak boundaries and feeling compelled to work harder for her clients than they were working for themselves.

Jondi’s Why

This is joyful, holy work. I’m in the business of human reclamation, and it’s my honor to pay it forward. We are all here to help one another grow and expand.

Jondi’s Advice

  • Engage in vigorous self-care, because otherwise, you’re going to be triggered.
  • You’ve got to keep good company. Isolation will be the downfall of a new practitioner. Find mentors, find like-minded people, a group of people who will inspire and support you, that you can trust and to whom you can tell the truth.
  • No matter which branch of service you come from, to help others heal, is work of intention.

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