Ashley Davis Bush, LICSW

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Ashley Davis Bush, LICSW is a psychotherapist in private practice in southern New Hampshire with over twenty-five years experience in the mental health field.

She is also the author of six self-help books, including Transcending Loss and Shortcuts to Inner Peace, and Simple Self-Care for Therapists: Restorative Practices to Weave Through Your Workday.

She is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and hosts a podcast on called “Embracing Change.”

The Quote

Make me an instrument
Taken from the Saint Francis Prayer

A Crucial Early Mistake

Ashley talks about getting into the field of psychotherapy in her twenties and how she began focusing on grief work. She shares the story of working with a client and making the mistake of telling her, during therapy, that Your grief is going to last forever. Ashley talks about the lessons she learned from that experience.

Ashley’s Why

A higher power wants me to do this work. I feel it’s what I was put on the planet for.

Ashley’s advice

  • You cannot think that self-care is unimportant. You’re going to burn out, you’re going to get affected. Find a way to make that happen.
  • We make time for the things we really care about. So, put self-care right up there at the top of your list.

Ashley’s go-to books

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