Arnold J Popky, PhD

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A J Popky is an EMDRIA approved consultant who was instrumental in the formation of the EMDR Institute over 25 years ago and is a Certified Consultant in EMDR, EMDRIA, & EMDR HAP, also Certified in Ericksonian Hypnosis and an Accelerated Master Practitioner/Modeler of NLP.

He developed the DeTUR protocol (Desensitization Triggers & Urge Reprocessing) for substance abuse and dysfunctional behaviors, and trains and presents seminars internationally. He also trains and consults Department of Defense (DoD) therapists at Military bases worldwide on PTSD, Trauma and addictions and is also involved working with our Wounded Warriors where 10 hours of EMDR psychotherapy is combined with Equine Assisted psychotherapy.

The Quote

Semper fidelis. AJ talks about how his training in the Marines taught him to never quit. He shares how this mantra pervaded not only his personal life, but his professional life as well.

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

AJ talks about his friendship with Francine Shaprio and how that inspired him to get into the trauma field.

A Crucial Early Mistake

This is a hard question. Everything I did was a learning process.

Arnold’s Why

AJ talks about loving the work he does, travelling around the world training other therapists, and most of all, watching individuals heal.

Arnold’s advice

  • Take the EMDR training.
  • Learn to build rapport!

Arnold’s go-to books

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