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Today I’m joined by April Harter who has made it her mission to help people understand where their racism is originating from. As a community and as a world we find ourselves in incredibly tense times, and yet times which are also creating opportunities for cultural and societal awareness around the topic of equality and racism. This episode is hopefully a small drop of water in that ocean.

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April is a former medical social worker, where she provided counseling to her patients and their family members to help them cope with the trauma of medical emergencies in the state of Texas. She later moved to Colorado and started her private practice to serve QTPOC patients with a history of racial trauma. After having worked with QTPOC, she decided to help prevent racism in society by working with white clients as a coach using the Racist Signature Theory. Finally, she opened up the Racism Recovery Center to provide psychotherapy for the treatment of racism.

In This Episode

Johanna Lynn. Epigenetics and Inherited Trauma
The Kavanagh Sisters. Standing Up And Speaking Out

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