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Anna Berardi, PhD., Lic Marriage & Family Therapist, Lic Prof Counselor Director of the Trauma Response Institute and Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy at George Fox University – Portland, Oregon.

Anna’s specialty in trauma includes work as a private practitioner, graduate mental health educator, with special emphasis on directing the TRI, including the post-graduate certificate in trauma response services.

The approach of the institute is to prepare a variety of professionals to understand human struggle and response through a trauma-informed approach, whether working with k-12 students, individuals, couples, or families overwhelmed with a sudden trauma, or coping with the long-term consequences of trauma.

Another unique feature of their trauma-informed approach is recognizing the role issues of privilege and marginalization play in creating and exacerbating one’s exposure to traumatic events. I view all forms of trauma work as an element of social justice work, just as social justice principles inform our assessment of trauma’s cause and impact.

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