Trauma: The Injury Where Blood Doesn’t Flow

This week we have Eduardo Duran on the podcast.

Eduardo is one of the first people to write and bring attention to soul wounding, also known as historical trauma.

He works with Native and Indigenous cultures in the healing of trauma and he is pretty amazing.

I loved talking with him.

In fact, speaking with individuals like him is exactly why I put this podcast together. This is why I continue to do this.

You can hear the passion and love for his work in his voice, and the way he shares his story from young, ignorant therapist, to a man who learned how to help others heal is nothing short of inspiring.

Eduardo is a psychologist and a veteran of the US Navy submarine force. And he’s one of those individuals that makes you think, “Yes, this is someone I want working to help people who’ve been traumatized.”

Listen to Ed’s interview here.

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Have a wonderful week!


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